Rudolph's Enchanted Lost Tag A Magical Connection to Santa

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Nestled amidst the snow-covered wonderland of the North Pole, a heartwarming tale unfolds around Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's lost collar tag. This remarkable golden tag is no ordinary keepsake; it's a cherished bridge that connects children all around the world to the beloved Santa Claus himself.
Crafted from exquisite wood and gleaming with a rich golden hue, this double-sided tag bears the name "Rudolph" and Santa's phone number on both sides in festive lettering. There's more to this tag's enchantment – attached to it is a real jingle bell, its chime adds an extra dash of Christmas magic to the season.
The true enchantment lies in the tag's functionality. It has a real working phone number, a direct line to none other than Santa Claus himself! When children dial this number, they are greeted by Santa's warm and familiar voice, which carries with it the promise of joy and wonder.   
Children are invited to leave their heartfelt wishes and messages for Santa on this enchanted voicemail system. Whether they wish to share their holiday dreams, recount their good deeds, or simply send their greetings to the jolly man in red, Rudolph's lost tag ensures their voices are heard at the North Pole.
With a simple phone call, children can experience the joy of connecting with Santa himself, ensuring that the spirit of Christmas resonates in their hearts forever.
Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to bring the enchantment of Christmas to your family! Order Rudolph's Enchanted Lost Tag today and give your children a direct line to Santa Claus. Let the jingle bell and golden charm adorn your holiday season with magic. Make this Christmas one they'll cherish forever!
Tag Measures 2.12" Round and comes packaged in a white gift box with a letter from Rudolph explaining he lost his tag and a photo of it so the kids know what to look for. An adult can leave it on the ground for an interactive experience. Hang it on your tree after for your kid(s) to remember the magic of Christmas year after year.