Rustic Family Personalized Monogram Name Sign

Sew Lucky Embroidery


Rustic Family Personalized Monogram Name Sign
Introducing our handcrafted masterpiece, this creation adds rustic charm and a personal touch to your space. Each 18-inch tall wood sign is meticulously shaped from premium maple wood, reflecting the care and dedication that define our craft.

At the heart of this personalized decor is your chosen letter, shaped with precision and adorned in a rich tapestry of stains that capture the essence of rustic allure. Despite the artistic process, the natural strength and beauty of the maple wood remain integral to the sign's character.

As the sole artisan behind these creations, I take pride in every step of the process. The maple wood is carefully hand-sanded, ensuring a smooth canvas for the artisanal touch that follows. Various earthy stains are thoughtfully applied, creating a harmonious blend of rustic hues that infuse warmth into any space. This sign is perfect for your font door, mantel, wall, or self!

Sign is 18" tall, width depends on the initial.

A delicate white wash, applied with a craftsman's touch, adds a hint of vintage appeal without compromising the rustic aesthetic. Sealed with care to ensure lasting beauty, each handmade wood sign comes complete with hanging hardware on the back, ready to find its place in your home.

Choose your favorite letter, add the family name that holds special meaning for you, and embrace the true essence of handmade decor. From our family to yours, thank you for welcoming our personalized wood signs into your home—a reflection of the unique charm that small, family-owned businesses bring to the world.